Violent History and The Future of Sri Lanka Essay examples

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After decades of civil war, Sri Lanka is a war torn nation on a path for rebuilding and establishing itself on the world stage. Senior Enlisted leaders should be familiar with Sri Lanka, because of the diplomatic, military, and economic relationship Sri Lanka has with the United States. This paper will discuss the background, government, strategic importance, and the future direction of Sri Lanka. Background The country of Sri Lanka is located in Southern Asia 18 nautical miles to the south east of the southern tip of India. It is an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean and with an area of 25,332 square miles is slightly larger than West Virginia. The island’s landscape consists of 832 miles of sandy beaches extending to rolling…show more content…
It laid the ethical and philosophical foundation of Sinhalese culture and civilization. Tamils brought Hinduism from Southern India in the 5th and 6th Century when the Chola Dynasty ruled Southern India and Sri Lanka. Middle-Eastern traders eventually settled in Sri Lanka and brought with them Islam in the 10th Century. The Portuguese introduced Christianity in the 16th Century. Conversion to Christianity spread further from the Dutch Reformed Church, and during British colonization and rule Christianity spread on a mass scale. Eventually, the Sinhalese restricted Christianity with the use of political pressure. (tourism) The value system of the Sri Lankan people has grown and coincided together, however, the people have seen much conflict and disagreement concerning economic power, social status and political power. Sri Lanka achieved independence from the United Kingdom in a peaceful fashion in accordance with its values and multi religious beliefs, but in recent years has been engaged in a civil war that spanned 26 years. Hate and discontent between the Tamils and the Sinhalese throughout the history of Sri Lanka eventually erupted into a civil war. The Tamils formed the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE), known throughout the world as the Tamil Tigers with a reputation as a violent extremist group. The LTTE claimed the north and east portions of the island as an independent nation, named

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