Violent Lyrics Promote Violence In Society

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A high schooler sits in a bus en route to school. Even with his earphones in and music playing from his own phone, he overhears a song played by someone else that makes him uncomfortable.
"You and your husband have a fight/One of you tries to grab a knife, and during the struggle/He accidentally gets his Adam's apple sliced (No!)/And while this is going on, his son just woke up/And he walks in, she panics/And he gets his throat cut (Oh my God!)/So now they both dead, and you slash your own throat/So now it's double homicide and suicide with no note.” (Preezy)
He sees the group of students bobbing their heads to the beat of the song. Do they even care about the message behind the lyrics? This song is called “Kim” by Eminem, and it’s included in a website article that lists fifty rap songs with violent lyrics. Song lyrics, whether they are good or bad, have a profound effect on people’s lives. The varieties of music are accepted by many. However, throughout the years, there has been an increased acceptance of songs that promote violence. This has led some to research the effect these violent songs can have on people and society as a whole. Aggressive lyrics encourages violence in society because such music increases negative emotions and thoughts, influences aggressive behavior, and affect the upbringing of children and adolescents.
Violent music brings up negative thoughts and feelings. Music can spark various emotions in a person: it can cause someone to feel happy, sad,

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