Violent Media And Violent Behavior

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Violence in the Media and Violent Behavior in Children
Anna Borja
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
Instructor Long
March 30, 2015

Violent video games, movies and television shows have become the subject of large debates that may have lasted since the beginning of media. Everyone knows that people have the ability and desire to imitate what they experience in the media, and given the perceived increase in violence among children in the U.S., the media is seen as a major possible explanation. In the following, we will examine the evidence pertaining to whether the media is becoming more violent over time, how much violence is in the media, and what kind of psychological connection or causal influence there may be between children’s violent behavior and their favorite types of media. It will be argued that the type of media as well as other cultural and environmental factors, are the key variables in determining whether violent behavior was caused by media, focusing specifically on the influence of video games considering they permit children the most realistic and interactive experiences of violence compared to all media.
As one author notes, the debate surrounding this topic has been increasingly polarized, with arguments either completely for, or against, the causal influence of media on violence (Trent). The lack of middle ground prevents many important types of ideas and arguments that would arise if we were to make some distinctions. Have studies that showed…
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