Violent Media Argument Analysis

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My argument synthesis essay

“Violent media is good for kids” is a fascinating article written by Gerard Jones. He makes an argument about how many forms of creative violence help many more children than they harm by giving them a tool to master their rage. At thirteen years of age he explains how forms of violence have been insightful and impactful for him. Growing up alone and afraid Gerard was taught by his parents that rage was something to be overcome and that violence was wrong. He was placed in a small school he felt was wrong for him, but then he withdrew from his loneliness when he became introduced to Marvel comics. Specifically, a character in the Marvel comics he felt he could relate to named the Hulk caught his eye and freed
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That rage in the rapper’s lyrics helped her in a way which she felt she could be powerful and invulnerable in her mind. That same girl later in her life avoided the use of drugs that sank many of her peers and succeeded through college as a writer and political activist.
Jones is not making an argument saying that violent entertainment is harmless. He knows it inspired some people to real life violence. He argues that it has helped many people for the many people that it hurt before and that it can help even more if people learn to utilize it well. He believes that parents highest priority with their kids is to prevent them growing up into violent thugs, but modern kids are more likely to grow up too passive, distrustful of themselves, and too easily manipulated. He believes that when parents try to protect their own kids from their own feelings and fantasies, they shelter them not from violence but against power and selfhood. Jones urges us to consider helping our kids with their fantasies rather than trying to hide them or take them away.
“When life imitates video” is another article written by John Leo who opposes the argument given before by Gerard Jones. John’s argument is that “If we want to avoid more massacres we should be taking the social effects of killing games more seriously.” He mentions the Colorado Massacre as suspects Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris used pistol-grip shotguns as
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