Essay on Violent Media...Good for Kids?

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In “Violent Media is Good for Kids” Gerard Jones introduces us to his fearful and lonesome childhood. He lived in a world where he was taught to be the violence fearing, and passive boy his parents wanted him to be. But, when one of his mother’s students gave him a Marvel comic book, his fearfulness was transformed into inspiration. He found a way to escape these discouraging feelings through the “stifled rage and desire for power” (Jones 285) that he had newly found. The popular comic book hero “The Hulk” freed him from his passive and lonely persona. Throughout the article he cites his testimonies and the testimonies of others as examples; and shows how they used violence as a positive realm for “overcoming powerlessness.” (Jones 287)…show more content…
All of these forms of entertainment can be used in a positive manner although they are mainly depicted in a negative light. Jones has thoroughly examined the contrasting view and ultimately describes how violence helps to monitor or control emotions.
Violence has become extremely prevalent in the media and continues to be a controversial issue. In today’s society, anything marginal is likely to receive a negative connotation before it receives an optimistic one. There have been multiple studies on the negative effects that violence can have on children, but Gerard Jones takes us on a journey to explore the alternative route; a self-esteem building passage for children. He creates an intense feeling of understanding through both pathos and logos. Throughout the article he makes the reader remember the benefits that violence provided for them during childhood. He examines the life of a teenage girl who endured a “chaotic family situation” by listening to “gangsta rap.” (Jones 287) For the young girl, this music served as an escape from reality, an in her mind she was powerful, invulnerable, and a “leader to among her peers.” (Jones 287) This is soft evidence that verifies violence can be beneficial. But, he also acknowledges the fact that “violent

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