Violent Nature Of Sports Essay

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Throughout the years, sporting events has been a place for fans to forget about what is going on in their life, take a break from the real world, and focus on the game. Often, many fans don't just watch and keep up with sports solely because of the type of sport, but also to keep up with their favorite athletes and teams. However, the aggressive and violent nature of the sports can often be carried over from the field to real life, impacting not only the athlete and the team, but also the fans. Although there are numerous different sports around the world, but often the sports that are considered the most popular tend to be the ones that hold the most aggression. For instance, in America the last 30 years straight, professional football has been the most popular sport (Rovell). Since football is the most popular sport, it is also one of the most aggressive sports, along with hockey, mixed martial arts, and soccer. Part of how American football is played is by being very hands on against the opponent, such that, the players have to tackle and knock down the other team’s players. As a result, at times during a game, serious injuries or accidents can occur, particularly, concussions. Unfortunately, there are instances where the aggression, such as in football, takes a toll on all the players’ bodies. Leaving professional football players injured, changing their whole life. For instance, “Earl Campbell was one of the NFL’s most prolific running backs to ever suit up” (Diaz &
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