Violent Video Games And Media Violence

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In society, video games have been criticized as an inducer for violent in children. The ongoing debate instigates research on the correlation between video games and violence. In Craig Anderson’s article, “Violent Video Games and Other Media Violence, Part II”, the author criticizes the opposing side and states that violence in media reflects violent behaviors in children. John Glynn’s article, “Guns and Games”, reasons on the benefits of video games and points out the true perpetrator for violent behaviors of youth in the United States to be the gun culture.; While Glynn’s article contains some form of pathos, there is a lack of pathos in Anderson’s. Both articles utilize logos and ethos. However, Glynn offers a more well-rounded argument to support that video games are beneficial and are not the true cause of aggression in children.
Anderson primarily argues that violent games cause aggression in children. According to Anderson, violent video games are unnecessarily popular. He supports his statement by referring research from the University of Rochester, and stating that “games that give the player a lot of autonomy. . . and feelings of competence. . . were rated much more positively. . . violent games are so
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While Glynn offers a well-rounded argument to support his views within “Guns and Games”. Anderson argues about the legitimacy of research in the media. In contrast, Glynn uses factual research to build his claims. Furthermore, his article provides useful information for the readers to have a general knowledge about the subject. Anderson referenced to research, but he did not describe them in details. Thus, Glynn’s article will be more valid to reference compare to Anderson’s. Although as a secondary source, Glynn’s essay is lacking to cite as the main source for research. The article provides enough background information from various sources that researchers can refer
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