Violent Video Games And Violent Behavior

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Lisa Shah
Ms. Violette
4 December 2014
Violent Video Games and Violent Behavior – Is There A Connection? The arrival of violent video games and the media covering recent mass killings, an emotional debate has developed about the impact of video games on aggressive, violent, and criminal behavior. Findings from certain research are contradictory: some studies show an increase in aggressiveness, while others suggest a decrease in criminality. The increase in the diversity of game platforms makes playing violent video games easier to play, which is a source of concern. Video games are not solidly anchored in the popular culture, while in the past an eccentric pastime no longer exists (Fournis 1). In 1971, the First Amendment was adopted to primarily protect speech critical to the government; in contrast to the English seditious libel laws, which allowed punishment for true speech derogatory. The Supreme Court decided that violent video games cause aggression in children solely based on the First Amendment instead of scientific evidence (Bushman 306). Both sides of violent video games have valid points, but they are missing the one key and most important point, which is the psychology within the household. Within scientific and public debate, the main subject has been whether or not violent video games cause aggression. Violent video games have become part of so many people 's live, which is why so many debates have focused on them. In the United States, 91% of…
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