Violent Video Games Do Not Cause Violence Essay

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Do violent video games increase aggression in the people who play them? If so then video games could be responsible for much of the bad news we hear on television.
Are video games responsible for school shootings? Do producers of video games need to tone down the violence? What will happen if video games become more and more violent and realistic? On the other hand, are video games to blame at all for the increase of violence in kids? When violence in video games started to increase, people started noticing an increase in the aggression of their children as well. This brought about the assumption that the violence in video games has a large impact on the way children behave.

There is no correlation between violence in
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Though it can completely absorb the player, ‘ordinary life’ can re-assert itself at any time” (3-4).

Huizinga’s first three theories are used to define video games. Standing alone, they offer no evidence contrary to or in compliance with the theory that violence in video games increase aggression. However, with the fourth theory, which I call the “Play is labile” theory, all of these theories demonstrate that there is no correlation between violence in video games and aggression in people who play them. The “Play is labile” theory, in terms that are more basic, describes the process by which a child resumes real life after a game is finished. When a child plays video games, the game can totally immerse them to the point where the game is real to them. Even if a video game becomes reality to a child while playing, when the game is over actual reality replaces this newly found simulated reality, and everything is back to normal again. To illustrate this point, let us compare a child playing a video game to a team playing a competitive sport.

During the game, lots of aggression is used and often necessary to win. After the game, the players’ aggression dissipates and they shake hands and tell each other, “Good game.” If the child’s aggression is increased by the violence in these games, then his or her aggression will then be brought back down to normal levels after the video game is over. This theory is only one of
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