Violent Video Games : Do They Cause Violent Behavior And Actions?

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Violent Video Games: Do they cause violent behavior and actions? Ah yes video games are huge icons of culture and identity for the people of the newest generations but games aren 't usually digital rainbows and love but some revolve around violence in their our ways, so as you would expect these games deeds don’t get away without criticism and opposition to some degree. Are violent video games a major cause of violent and aggressive behavior in those who play them? Are they contenders in influencing behavior and even shootings from the violence done within these digital fronters? The issue has been a big debate among concerned people of the world and video game advocates for many years now. Some argue that violent video games do the opposite of increased aggressive behavior and likelihood to commit crimes in which games can actually help stop such, but is this always the case? Some critics also blame these games for numerous issues at hand like school shootings, bullying, and violence towards women, but are they the real causes? There are many studies within this debate for both side of the issue and interesting finds in violent video games. The video game industry is a huge million dollar industry and violence tends to be in a lot of them however. Though blaming of violent games for numerous crimes committed by youth to behavioral changes from playing these games, this has been around for as long as video games have existed. Now we will be diving into both
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