Violent Video Games

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Media has a strong effect on our society, whether we would admit it or not. There are millions of different versions of media that shapes and molds the viewers. For example, there is television, newspapers, social media, and the list goes on and on. I will be focusing on the effects that video games have on a child and their behavior. Violent video gaming will be mostly discussed considering the alarming effects it has on children, including health issues, antisocial behavior, increased aggression, and drop in academic performance. However, not all video games are considered unhealthy for the developing children’s brain. A particular study performed by Iowa State University’s Institutional Review Board tested different types of video games and the effects they had on individuals when they were asked to perform a certain task. The study tested 191 children from the ages 9-14 and they were asked to play two violent games, like Ty2 or Crash Twin sanity, and two neutral games like pinball or Super Monkey Ball Deluxe for 30 minutes each. The participants were then asked to solve Tangram puzzles (assortment of different shape, size, and color blocks to create a bigger picture) that were easy, medium, or hard difficulties. They would be told to pick 11 Tangrams to a ‘partner’ to try and build and if they would succeed, the imaginary partner would receive a ten dollar gift certificate. Concluding these tasks, the individuals were asked to fill out a post-experimental questionnaire

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