Violent Video Games

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Videogames are commonly known to any adolescent because as technology grows, so does its wide range of audiences. One study showed that, “The consumption of video games is at its peak during adolescence.” (Exelmans, 2015, p. 268). A lot of households in America have some sort of gaming system whether that is a Gameboy, Xbox, or Wii. A survey taken in Swiss founded that, “…more hours per week of…video game play were correlated with several aggressive behaviors,” (Olsen, 2007, p. 78). The purpose of my study is too see how violent video games can affect adolescents behaviors. This is important because by identifying whether or not violent video games correlate with aggressive and violent behaviors from adolescents can help us to be more conscious on what content children should be aloud to play, and what ages is that content acceptable to play without fear of someone’s children acting out aggressively because of a videogame. In addition to that, we can figure out better solutions to releasing aggression than through a game that makes an adolescent more frustrated when playing. Also, while using this survey we can see how many hours playing video games can affect your behavior. This study will also look at aspects of how the family members might feel about violent video games. With the purpose of my study in mind, now it’s time to introduce the variables. The independent variable will be the violent video games. The survey wants to see if that causes the dependent variable,

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