Violent Video Games Harmful On Children And Adolescents

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Violent Video Games Are Harmful to Children and Adolescents.
There is overwhelming scientific research that suggests that playing violent video games are harmful to children and adolescents. The scientific evidence has uncovered several areas in the development of children and adolescent that are negatively impacted because of the exposure to and playing of violent video games. Some of the key areas that are negatively affected include brain activity, stress levels and behavior. Playing violent video games causes aggression desensitization (Gentile, Swing, Anderson, Rinker, & Thomas, 2016). Gentile et al. (2016) provided neurological evidence that revealed that violent video game play was significantly associated with aggression desensitization, physiological arousal, aggressive cognition, and aggressive behavior. They conducted a study that examined neural recruitment during violent videogame play among 13 late adolescent gamers, half of the gamers played violent games and half of the gamers played nonviolent games. The participants played a video game in violent and nonviolent modes while undergoing functional MRI scanning. The functional MRI scans of the nonviolent gamers showed an increase in emotional response regions when playing the violent game. In contrast, the functional MRI scans of the violent gamers demonstrated an active suppression of these same regions. In addition, nonviolent gamers showed increases in spatial attention, navigation, and cognitive
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