Violent Video Games and Their Effect on Children

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Sean Brinker
Professor Colbert
English 128-03
7 April 2010
Violent Video Games and Their Effect on Children Ever since the creation of the first video game, they have had a certain effect on the individuals who play them. As video games have become more advanced and elaborate, children’s interest is at an all time high. With the degree of violence that has been a part of video games since the early 1990’s, parents and activists have claimed that these games are affecting children negatively. This claim only seems to contradict other major factors that may have a part in the developing minds of youth. There are other mental, problems at home or school, as well as programs and movies shown by the media that could have an effect on children.
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Violent video games can be used as an outlet for some of this aggression. A discussion in class regarding violent video games brought up a view that some of the class, myself included, use violent video games to relieve stress and frustration. Some still believe that violent games should be banned because of youth violence. Sharon Jayson, a writer for USA Today, quotes from Christopher Ferguson, an associate professor at Texas A&M International University in Laredo, that "delinquent peer influences, antisocial personality traits, depression, and parents/guardians who use psychological abuse" are risk factors for youth violence and aggression (Ferguson qtd in Jayson). It is also stated that some of the factors stated earlier by Williams "were not predictive of youth violence and aggression (Ferguson qtd in Jayson)." There is no single factor that can be attributed to aggressive behavior in children. I still contend that these factors can have their effect on children if they don’t have someone to help them to understand what’s going on and how to resolve their issues. Those who believe that video games cause youth violence have plans of their own or don’t have a clear understanding of what’s in the games. For example, the Grand Theft Auto series, one of the most popular and highest selling game
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