Violent Videogames Dangerous?

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Are videogames really that dangerous? The answer is a definite yes. All over America there are adolescents playing videogames that stimulate violence. Violent videogames introduce violence into your life and you may begin to think that stimulate violence. Video games introduce online bloodshed into your life and you may begin to think that violence is ok. Violent videogames are not healthy for teens.

First of all, playing video games puts violence into the minds of the players and the players begin to get used to the terrorism in these electronic games. If this continues, adolescents may begin to think that online killing is okay which could eventually lead to violence in the real worlds being ok. And its possible that they could act rashly and hurt others by all the exposure to videogames. In the article “shooting in the dark” by benedict Carrie, the text says, “It was as if that exposure to computerized violence gave them an idea to go on a rampage- or at least fuel their urges.” (1) By playing violent video games, you are receiving these violent things into your mind that may be potentially dangerous to you and the people around you.

Also, by playing videogames, you can use things to benefit killing in the game. But what about real life? For example, in the game “Killer” people go
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As the world’s technology grows, so does the violence in our community. What once used to be harmless playtime has turned into bloody online competitions. By playing video games, you are emerging yourself into a world of coding, hacking and overall just computerized everything. Every time you turn on the “Xbox” or a “ps4”, you get sucked into a realistic fantasy and you will take drastic measure just to defeat a fictional character. In all violent video games, the gist of the game is to kill. The once innocent players now have developed a wanting of the harm of
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