Violeta Bermudez Biography

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Violeta Bermudez, International Lawyer and Humanitarian passed away age 75, peacefully in her family’s beach house. The people that know her best recognize the passion in the work she accomplished throughout her life, in which she combines her professional skills, expertise and cultural experience to give resonance to human rights across underdeveloped countries. Raised in Nicaragua, she was exposed first hand to the violation of basic human rights, and moving around throughout her childhood and late teenage years served as her main inspiration for pursuing the path that she led. Violeta, loved the first sip of coffee in the morning, reading a good thought provoking book, and driving around at night without destination.

Violeta graduated with
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They had met their first year of law school, and as Violeta described in her autobiography, “was love at fourth sight.” Their love was only second to the love she felt for fighting for people’s right. She never re-married.

At the age of 25 she was already an associate in King & Spalding, an International Law Firm based in D.C. Violeta excelled in the Latin American Practice, helping multinational companies to commence business activity in the region. By age 35, she had already become the youngest senior partner at the firm, and is remembered fondly by her partners and associates.

She launched the Nicaragua Moves Forward Initiative to help the people affected by the revolution of 2021 when the opposition rose against dictator Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo, and aims to protect the rise of violence against women, freedom of expression, and basic violations of human rights. She also created the Marcos Tolentino Foundation (MTF), in honor of her late godfather who died of leukemia early in his life. The non-profit aims to fund research in cancer, and provides treatment for low income patients throughout Central America. Since its founding, MTF has also raised over $150 million to support programs in 49 countries
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