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Violeta Bermudez Leadership Certification Essay 1. Explain what being a leader means to you in approximately 200 words or less. Throughout the short span of my life I have encountered myself facing different leadership positions. Mostly, however, during high-school years and college, which to my perspective is a little bit different. Treasurer of my school, vice-president of a student cloob or school advocate, all of these positions without previous experience or understanding of who a leader is. For me, being a leader means having the ability to be organized and to pass on that organization skill toward other. If I had not been an organized leader, how could I have expected people to follow me. However, being a leader goes beyond…show more content…
They get to understand more easily that the reason why you are advising or leading them is because you have the knowledge and have set your goals and values with clarify. This promotes confidence in a leader. Having shared values and having people know how you appeal to their own goals and values is a significant difference in attitude and performance. “No one will believe you’re serious if you’re not doing what you’re asking of others.” I think that this is important quality of having clear values. For instance, I have to be clear on my goals in order to ask of others to accomplish such goal. However, I also have to work and show commitment toward that goal, in order to be a good leader and therefore; a good example. The book talks about two essential things in setting the example; live the shared value, teach other to model the values because practicing them makes for a good role model for what the group promises. Values influenced every aspect of our lives; moral judgment, response to others, commitment to personal and organizational goals. Values serve as guides to action, inform our decisions as to what to do or not to do. If you are clear about your values and your actions are aligned, it makes all the hard work worth the effort. Values are empowering. c. Think of a time that you Challenged the Process. Describe what happened and the outcome. Challenge the Process is
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