Violin Essay

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Violin Music and art, the feelings that go through a person while the music of Mozart and Beethoven are playing, are indescribable. Listening to music can take a person away to a different era. Music like Mozart or Beethoven can really take a person's imagination soaring in a whole new perspective. Composers throughout the novel, Violin were Beethoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky. Violin was a truly fabulous name for this story. It contains many fantastic elements as well as realistic elements; however, it should not be confused with magical realism. Violin copy written in 1997 by Anne Rice. She has written several novels that were imaginary and fantastic. The novels that Anne Rice has written have that kind of effect on a person while…show more content…
Music can make a person feel good and make a person feel bad. The stench of the body was going all through the house was a realist element. When the neighbor arrived, she could smell the body right away. The realistic element was definitely here. The stench of the body was a dead giveaway that it was real. The stench of a decaying body isn't the best smell in the world. The man playing the violin seemed to be a fantastic element; however, the man playing the violin in reality was real. The man came up on the porch and played his violin for Triana. She watched him through the window. The maid came in and "apologized to her and told her that she had asked him to leave that they did not want to see him or hear him play the violin (55)." The women told her that was o.k. She liked listening to the man play the violin. The man came from nowhere and played the music she loved so well. The composers of the music in the story were Mozart and Beethoven among others. These great composers really knew how to make some beautiful music. The woman in the story seemed to get lost upon listening to the rhythms and beats of the enchanting music. People in society today try to attempt to change the music played by the great composers of classical music into words they think it all means. The elements of the music are truly realistic. Todorov has different views of the fantastic and hesitation between natural and supernatural explanations. He also has views of the real and the
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