Viral Infectious DiseasesPolio or Poliomyelitis

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Poliomyelitis is a viral infectious disease that is transmitted through mainly the oral fecal route. The disease has been with mankind since time in memorial although epidemics were unknown before the 20th century. The disease has caused millions of deaths and paralysis for much of human history. NATURAL HISTORY OF POLIOMYELITIS
The name poliomyelitis is derived from ancient Greek were polio means grey and myelos meaning marrow referring to grey matter of spinal cord. Ancient paintings recovered in Egypt depicits an Egyptian stele though to represent a polio victim from the 18th dynasty which was from 1403 to 1365 BC. The disease had different names in early medical communities such as infantile spinal paralysis, paralysis of the morning, regressive paralysis and myelitis of the anterior horns
The first clinical description of polio was given in 1789 by a British physician call Micheal underwood who referred to the disease as debility of the lower extremities. Karl Oskar medin in 1890 was the first to study polio epidemic empirically however Jakob Heine in 1840 made the first medical report on polio hence the disease became known as Heine-medin disease. By the early 1900s polio has reached epidemic proportion in countries were living standards were relatively high. This was at a time when other diseases such as tuberculosis, typhoid were on the decline. Paradoxically it is though that the rise in hygiene standards has led to a rise in

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