Viral Marketing Strategy in Magnum Ice Cream

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Fundamentals of Marketing Viral Marketing Strategy in Magnum Ice Cream Miladunkarohmah IUP Business | 311367 2012 Viral Marketing Strategy in “Magnum” Over the years many customers in Indonesia are successfully influenced by advertising by either newsprint or electronic media. Now, the power of marketing is not by the advertising anymore, customers believe more on what people said. Nowadays, customers have more power compared to the past. It is triggered by the development of alternative media such as internet and mobile phone. It makes customers feel easier to communicate with others without limit. There are many things and topics to be discussed by customers in every occasion. Like conversation with friends, family, coworkers,…show more content…
Instead, there were some minimarket wrote “Magnum are sold out” in front of their main door because many people try to found it. Then customers complain in the social media like Facebook and Twitter. Magnum was being increasingly sought by customers after Wall’s launched their new variant of this ice cream few times ago, like Wall’s Magnum Chocolate Truffle. So, now they have three variants of ice cream, like Magnum Classic and Magnum Almond. Magnum also do more promotion on its new products. Because of that, many people thought that the scarcity of Magnum is a marketing strategy of Wall’s to promote one of their product. Wall’s said that this scarcity is more or less happen because of their marketing strategy. Senior Brand Manager of Wall’s Magnum PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk, Meila Putri Handayani, said that she applying parallel strategy. Usually, before they promote their product they provide and distribute it first, after that the producer start to promote their product to public. But different with strategy which used by Wall’s. They promote their product first even the products are not ready yet. Meila explain that it was done because of Wall’s wants to try Indonesian market. And they did rebranding their product into premium ice cream. With this strategy, Unilever wants to figure out whether market already know about this product or not. Because consumption

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