Virgin Atlantic Airways Founded In 1984

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Virgin Atlantic Airways, founded in 1984, has grown rapidly to become one of the UK’s largest airline carriers and now serves 31 destinations worldwide. Well known for pioneering many service innovations and setting new standards for the airline industry, Virgin Atlantic continues to expand. But despite their growth the airline still remains customer focused, with an emphasis on value for money, unique offerings and high quality service. Atlantic Airlines Limited, is a British airline company owned by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group (51%) and Singapore Airlines(49%). Virgin group is the creator of more than 300 branded companies globally, and employs…show more content…
Considering the fact that the airline industry is characterized by the presence of a few carriers and many suppliers vying for business, it comes as no surprise that the power of the suppliers is low and the airlines have the upper hand in their interactions with the suppliers. Further, even in cases such as the supply of jet fuel, the carriers like Virgin Atlantic have a distinct advantage, as this fuel is expensive and a premium product meaning that there are not too many buyers for it making Virgin Atlantic a favored customer for the aviation fuel companies.


There’s a lot of talk about culture in organisations, and it seems to me a bit ethereal.
It’s hard to describe, but a culture is very real. It’s about “the way we do things around here” and there really is a right or wrong Virgin Atlantic way to do things. But you can only maintain any culture through hard work. We recognise that having a meaningful dialogue with our people is vital to our culture and to the success of the organisation - but it is really very hard to do. It’s easy to think about how a manager can have a conversation with a team member and how that could lead to improved success for the individual or team. We can help our managers to develop the skills to have those conversations in an effective, authentic and Virgin Atlantic way.
But it’s also about having a dialogue
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