Virgin Atlantic Marketing Management

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1.0 Introduction 3

2.1 Company Overview 3 2.2 Mission Statement 3
2.0 Evaluation 4 2.1 Segmentation 5/6 2.2 Targeting 6/7 2.3 Positioning 7 2.4 Building Relationships 8
3.0 The Marketing Mix 9 3.1 Product 10 3.2 Price 10 3.3 Place 10 3.4 Promotion 10 3.5 People 10 3.6 Process 11 3.7 Physical Evidence 11
4.0 Conclusion 14
5.0 Defining the Segment & Marketing Objective 14

5.1 SMART Objectives 15 5.2 Pestle Analysis 16/17 5.3 Swot analysis
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| Demographic -The focus age category for Virgin Atlantic is 30-40 year olds as these are those more likely to be passengers who are going to travel via Business class. Occupation is also a category to focus on, as Virgin Atlantics target age group for the UK market is 30-40 year old business men and women. Virgin Atlantic, Our Story, Student Pack (2011) | In relation to Psychographic the author has identified social class, lifestyle and personality as Virgin Atlantics main categories to focus on. These are defined as older males and females who will be travelling in business class.Virgin Atlantic, Our Story, Student Pack (2011) | Behavioural can be analysed by the usage rate and the perception and that people may have towards the product. If the product is perceived by its customers as a high quality product with a reasonably good price it may result into the company gaining a higher market share. Meaning that the company could then predict quantity of stock and cash flow more accurately. |

2.2 Targeting ‘The update in 2003 of the upper class section of Virgin Atlantic aeroplanes has diversified Virgin from all other competitors in
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