Virgin Galactic Space Tourism Marketing Plan

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Executive SummaryVirgin Galactic (VG), which is a part of the Virgin Group, is a leading company and pioneer in Suborbital Travel Industry. By offering the lowest price in the market and making the dreams of space travelling come closer, VG attracts the attention from the general public. With the successful launch of Spaceship One, VG once again determines that space travelling is possible. With Spaceship Two being tested, it promises that our dreams of seeing the Earth from space are not that far from the future. In this report, as a marketing advisor to VG, I will disscuss about the following topics:•Developing a marketing communications plan for VG•How can VG become truly customer focused•The importance of minimising cognitive…show more content…
•TV programmes:Being seen on television is the best way for people to get to know about VG and what the company is doing. We can work with famous television channels such as National Geography, Discovery Channel or BBC to produce some programmes about VG actitvies, successful Spaceship One launch, how safe the operation is, etc… It will surely have a great impact on customers' minds. •BillboardThis is also another way to draw people's attention, but it might not be be as effective because the message might not reach the target customers. •On the internetThere are many websites dedicated to space topics such as,, etc. which have a lot of readers and members. Advertising on these websites can link potential customers to our homepage. ii)Public relations and events•Famous "flyer"It is the best way to draw attention if we have famous people, for example Hollywood celebrities, to participate in our flights. Hollywood is a very potential market for VG because the people are rich and willing to experience space travelling. •Trade shows and exhibitionsAnnual aviation trade shows and exhibitions are the opportunities for VG is reach its customers. It is a chance to show our work to the public and we can arrange seminar to give customers more information. •Test flightsSpaceship One is a success of VG to gain the public confidence. We are developing and going to launch Spaceship Two. We should look for volunteers or famous
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