Virgin Islands Research Papers

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Virgin Islands-suited in the caribbean sea,it is loved for the warm waters,it has white sandy beaches,beautiful corals,it has subtropical climate, there's hardly a difference between winter and summer, and is located at St.Johns United States.
The virgin islands are fun places to be. You can go swimming and have a lot of fun. Some people even get married there and they think it is a beautiful place to get married at. It is located in St. Johns United states It is so pretty and romantic. Even though it is pretty expensive, it is so pretty! While we are talking about the virgin islands i have some history to tell you about.” Since 1966 VIERS has offered distinctive learning experiences for anyone interested in environmental education, training and research of terrestrial, coastal and marine
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In the USVI’s peak season from December to March, the temperature from the mid 70’s to high 80’ s early 90’s. July to October is the region's hurricane seasons with the average temperature, which is in the upper 80’s. The virgin islands is a very nice place to go on vacation. Many people there Go either swimming, hiking or relaxing. They go swimming at the pool or in the caribbean sea. The sun shines really hard so that you will need to wear a lot of sunscreen. When we went we had to put 2 layers of sunscreen on every hour. Hiking takes a lot of energy. WHen we went we hiked 4 miles. Some people only go halfway up like we did, or they go all the way up which is 8.3 miles long. A lot of people who relax usually get tropical drinks and ly on a hammock for a few hours under a shade tree. Some teens and most adults relax. The virgin Islands had over 8 million people visit them in the year of 2014. That is a lot of people! Most of the people have to stay in a motel because they is hardly any houses there. The caribbean sea is so pretty and when it
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