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Virgin Media

Virgin Media began trading in early 2007, as a result of a merger between cable operator NTL:Telewest, and acquisitions of the VirginNet internet service provider, and Virgin Mobile. At launch, the new company heralded itself as being the first single provider of ‘quad-play' (four-service) media in the UK. It has a strong marketing campaign and its broadband service in particular is popular with British customers, with the second – largest subscriber base in the United Kingdom.


Virgin Media's products are predominantly intangible services. The company's product range includes landline telephone services, broadband internet, digital television, and mobile phone solutions. From the company's beginnings as two
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For example, when a customer joins on a new broadband package, Virgin will provide them with a modem capable of connecting their computer to the network. When a television service is selected, a suitable set top box is supplied. These services are subject to an installation fee, where a trained engineer will come to the customers home to oversee a smooth setting up of the facility.

The company operates a number of call centres to deal with customer enquiries. These act as a first point of contact for any customer calling into Virgin Media. The call centres are located around the country, in areas such as Manchester, Sheffield and Birmingham. Virgin Media also utilises outsourced contact centres from out with the UK. However, this can be a bad idea for a business from a public relations point-of-view. Customers find themselves increasingly vexed with getting put through to foreign call centres, and more and more companies are making the shift back to UK-based centres as it can be used as a selling point.


The business is very heavily promoted, through all forms of media, including press, billboards, magazine inserts, British TV and the internet. The firm capitalises on the distinctive Virgin logo, which is familiar to the British public due to the variety of other products and services offered by the Virgin Group.
The colouring of the logo, and Virgin Media's advertising

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