Virginia Essay

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The name "Virginia" is the oldest designation for English claims in North America. The name “Virginia” was proposed by Sir Walter Raleigh to Queen Elizabeth I. The chief of the Indians of the area, the Sectoans, was called Wingina which could have influenced the name. In 1585, Sir Walter Raleigh launched a colonization expedition to Roanoke island that failed. But when Sir Francis Drake arrived in 1586 the colonists wanted to go home. The lack of supply ships made them eventually abandon the colony with only one clue to where they went, a word carved into a tree, “Croatoan”. The colony was chartered in 1606 by King James I for the apparent purpose of spreading Christianity but it was to mine gold, silver and copper. The charter pretty…show more content…
Jamestown Island was cut off from the mainland and provided little game, no fresh drinking water, and very limited ground for farming. Captain Newport returned to England twice, delivering the First Supply and the Second Supply missions during 1608, and leaving the Discovery for the use of the colonists. However, death from disease and conflicts with the Natives Americans took a fearsome toll of the colonists. Despite attempts at mining minerals, growing silk, and exporting the native Virginia tobacco, no profitable exports had been identified, and it was unclear whether the settlement would survive financially. On May 31, 1607, about 100 men and boys left England for what is now Maine. Approximately three months later, the group landed on a wooded peninsula where the Kennebec River meets the Atlantic Ocean and began building Fort St. George. By the end of the year, due to limited resources, half of the colonists returned to England. Late the next year, the remaining 45 sailed home, and the Plymouth company fell dormant. Following the abandonment of the Plymouth company settlement in 1609 the London Company decided to expand Virginia south of the 39th parallel and north up to the 34th parallel hopefully reaching from “sea to sea” as the London Company said they would go all the way to what is now California. This encouraged investors
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