Virginia Fine Art Museum

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The art museum I had visited was the Virginia Fine Art Museum, in Richmond. I saw a lot of brilliant work of art. But, there was one particular piece of art that stuck out to me the most, which was the Yang Guifei. This painting was made in 1979 during the Chinese, People’s Republic period. The picture is painted on a hanging scroll with ink and colors on a piece paper. The hanging scroll is about 5’0 feet tall, it has a women painted on it, in all different color such as dark pink, light green, light blue, yellow, grey, and black. The hanging scroll also has black Chinese words written down the side of the women. The eyes stuck out the most to me because it is painted black. The body of the women is painted a dark pink. The hair of the women…show more content…
I love drawing and painting water colors and, this picture give the impression of it being a water color painting. I like all the different colors the artist used. When I stare at the picture I feel that the women is shy the way she raise her hand to her face, but guys would feel lust for her because of her body and face. I also feel that she is very sneaky and a strong women who would be risky to have a relationship with. When I look at the story description I felt that my thoughts about the women were close. She had weakened the empire by distracting one of the guys from their duties. Even though the woman, Yang Guifei was strangled to death she was a popular subject in literature because she brought drama for centuries. I feel that the picture was expressed in wealth because; the Yang Guifei had to be wealthy or have money to be near the emperor. She had to dress nice to be able to distract the guy’s attention to get close to the emperor. I felt that this piece of art was breathtaking to look at not only was the colors beautiful but how it has a story behind it. I never really stare a piece of art for so long and try to describe it without looking at the story behind it. But when I did read the description I didn’t expect the way I portray this woman to be dangerous. Even though my description of what I thought of her before I look at the detailed description was similar. I still felt that it was amazing how I got so much from just staring at this piece of art. I guess it’s true what they say a picture does speak a thousand
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