Virginia Hall : The Limping Lady

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Virginia Hall "The Limping Lady" 1. Introduction One of the world’s most dangerous allied agents in France was “The Limping Lady” Virginia Hall when the Germans invaded France. Virginia Hall was an American Civilian, who was in France when the Germans took control, but due to her hatred of the German policies against the European Jews, she became one of the best spies in American History. Even after Virginia lost her leg in a gun accident, which never stopped her from doing her job, she proved to be a valuable asset in the war against the Germans. 2. Background Virginia Hall, who born on April 6, 1906, in Baltimore, Maryland to the parents of Edwin Lee Hall and Barbara Virginia Hammel. Virginia attended Radcliffe (Harvard…show more content…
Foreign Service and applied to take the exam for the third time. Virginia’s request got denied to take the exam for the third time by the U.S. Department of State for the reason she was not “able-bodied”. Virginia appealed the decision numerous times, requesting a waiver for her to take the exam, but once again, got denied. Virginia was not happy with the decision and decided to resign from the U.S. Foreign Service in 1939. Virginia went to Paris in 1939 and while there Germany invaded Poland and France declared War on Germany, so Virginia joined the French ambulance Corps known as the Services Sanitaire de l’Armee as a private. Virginia received first aid training and became an ambulance driver where she evacuated injured casualties from the front lines. Germany turned and released all its military in France and France fell to them in June 1940. Virginia, trapped in France under the Germans policies and she got disgusted by their policies directed against the European Jews. Virginia fled France on her U.S. Passport to London via Spain in August 1940. Virginia reached the U.S. Embassy where she debriefed the staff on the situation in France. Virginia took a job at the U.S. Embassy as a code clerk, but she did not want to go down the same road so Virginia, resigned from the U.S. Embassy. Virginia knew she wanted to take the war right back at the Germans so Virginia resigned from her position stating which she was looking for other employment opportunities,
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