Virginia High School Graduation Analysis

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As my final year of high school ends, I can’t help but to feel a flurry of emotions: I’m thrilled for the future and its opportunities, I’m overjoyed to be experiencing the long awaited senior year, but more importantly, I’m a bit sad. I’m sad because I’m about to say goodbye to Virginia Beach City Public Schools, an institution I can proudly call my family. I’m so proud to be a part of VBCPS and I can only hope that the school system is as equally proud of me. Having spent the past twelve years as a proud student of VBCPS, I’ve been able to develop unique, meaningful relationships with both faculty members and my fellow students. In addition to that, I consistently strive to take advantage of the incredible opportunities afforded to me through the schools. As an elementary schooler, I attended Old Donation Center as both a full-time student and an art student. Thanks to my wonderful guidance counselor, Mrs. McClellan, I became an active member of ODC’s SCA, even attending the Citywide…show more content…
My leadership skills were tested and refined as I participated in debate and academic challenge. This would pay off as both teams would win the 2012-13 city championship! My teachers and coaches showed me the importance of giving my all and completely investing myself as a part of the team. Middle school is an extremely volatile time for most students, but the support and love I received from the staff set me on a strong trajectory for high school. Unlike many MYP students, I ended up choosing to attend my zoned school, Kellam High School. Here, I have been able to use all the skills and talents I have accrued through my VBCPS experience. Between Student Council, National Honor Society, and the Fine Arts Department, I’m constantly occupied. Though I’m busy, I absolutely love everything I do and feel I play a vital role in my school
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