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VMPS Facts
What is the Virginia Mason Production System?
The Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS) is a management method that seeks to continually improve how work is done so there are zero defects in the final product. Using this method, Virginia Mason (VM) identifies and eliminates waste and inefficiency in the many processes that are part of the health care experience, making it possible for VM staff to deliver the highest quality and safest patient care. By streamlining repetitive and low-touch aspects of care delivery, staff members are freed to spend more time talking with, listening to and treating patients. VMPS is based on the Toyota Production System (TPS), a manufacturing approach Toyota has used for more than 50 years to
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Increased productivity by about 93 percent in a few targeted areas by moving the most common supplies to point of use and creating kits containing frequently needed supplies. Reduced premiums for professional liability insurance by 56 percent.

When did Virginia Mason adopt VMPS?
In 2000, Virginia Mason began looking for a management method that placed quality and safety as the highest priorities. It fully adopted VMPS by June 2002 and since then has been setting patient-care quality standards for the health care industry. VMPS is a daily part of work at Virginia Mason and is integral to the organization’s success.

What is the VMI?
Virginia Mason Institute (VMI) is a nonprofit corporation that provides education and training in the VMPS management method to other health care providers and organizations. VMI was established in 2008 in response to growing industry demand to learn how Virginia Mason has applied lean manufacturing principles in health care. •

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VMPS Successes
Alert System Improves Patient Safety Faster Revenue Cycle
Virginia Mason used VMPS principles to develop a Patient Safety Alert (PSA) system requiring all staff who encounter a situation likely to harm a patient to make an immediate report and “stop the line” (i.e., cease any activity that could cause further harm). If the safety of a patient is indeed at risk, an investigation is immediately launched to
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