Virginia Ruiz Case Study

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While barbaric bullfighting is still synonymous with Spain, a growing number of Spanish activists are saying it's "tortura" (torture), not "cultura" (culture). Thirty-eight-year-old Virginia Ruiz is one of these activists. She wasn't there to enjoy the spectacle during the free admission (that her taxpayer dollars funded) -- she was there to document the cruelty. But in the bull's agony, Ruiz was overcome with the need to take action.

A Loving Send Off Before Crossing the Rainbow

In the bull's final moments, Ruiz was moved -- literally. In an instant, she went from spectator to actor. Like a mother protecting a defenseless child, she jumped into the bullring to comfort the wounded animal and draped her body over his.

She's a hero.

In an interview, Ruiz explained that the bull was searching for her with his eyes, and she could feel him struggling for oxygen underneath her. For a moment, she wanted the bull to feel her love -- to feel
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The "valiant" matador had to end the show, and he did. The bull was stabbed to death.

But Ruiz alleges that the brutality didn't end with the bull. There was no public or private security at the scene. She was at the mercy of the bullfighters, the event organizers and staff. While the dragged her away, they kicked her behind the barricade so the crowd couldn't see -- they held their hands up the whole time. Next, Ruiz asserts that she was illegally detained by the men. She explained that she had never seen so much hate. If it weren't for two men protecting her, she could've been lynched.
When we think about the intense pleasure these men get from brutalizing an innocent animal, can we expect them to care about a woman?

There's no doubt about it: bullfighting is torture. Leading up to the bloody spectacle, bulls suffer immensely. According
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