Virginia Woolf : The Inequality Of Women In Society

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Living in a society where there is discrimination into gender make it hard for one to live. Gender inequality, or in other words, gender judgement refers to unfair rights or privileges women deprived regarding men based on different gender roles which leads to unequal treatment in the society. Woolf's central argument about Shakespeare’s sister is that women could have never created great poetry like Shakespeare back in the time for many reasons such as, women would not have the right as men had in that period, they would not have the same education as men, and they would not have been supported at all by the society they were living. Obviously, the opportunities for women were limited.
First, the inequality of gender was one major reason that women could not be great like Shakespeare. In the first place, Virginia Woolf describes women's situation in the story. They deprived women of all kinds of privileges in the society. They could not decide with their own free will to do anything they want. However, the household was the place for women. The point that Woolf is trying to make when she invents Judith Shakespeare is that even if Shakespeare had a sister as gifted as he was, she would not be able to accomplish the same experiment as Shakespeare. In addition, she would not be able to become an actress or to write poetry as her brother just for the reason of her gender. would not have had the same opportunities that he had. Even though they would have grown up in the same
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