Virginia Woolf Two Cafeterias

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“Two Cafeterias”, by Virginia Woolf, was written showing an underlying message of how different men and woman are treated in this culture. Using words, descriptions, and tones Woolf expresses to the reader how insignificant woman in this day are made to feel. Woolf shows throughout the entire piece that the men of this society are treated to nothing less than “invariably memorable” luncheon parties while woman are downgraded to dinner in the dining room. By showing the different standards in which society holds men and woman during something as simple as a meal, Woolf undeniably succeeds in showing the low level in which woman stand during this time. The men’s meal is one that leaves Woolf feeling as though “we are all going to heaven. She lists off the potatoes being thin as coins, sprouts “foliated as rosebuds”, and pudding so good that if it were otherwise related to “rice and tapioca” would be nothing less than completely downgrading. The “luncheon party” was so proper that them speaking of what was being eaten was unacceptable. The men were greeted with things such as serving men and cushioned window seats for they are considered to be the most vital in their society. Their attitude was nothing less then snobbish for they were made to feel so high. Treated inferior to woman, and they sought to believe it themselves. The…show more content…
In the first sentence when Woolf is talking about the men’s dinner she says things such as “invariably memorable” and “luncheon parties” while the first sentence about the woman’s luncheon simply says, “Here was my soup”. The short sentence structure emphasizes the lack of enthusiasm that woman are met with when it comes to their spot in this culture. The level of writing in which is used inherently shows the level of standards men and woman are held to in this
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