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Virginia's Private War by William Blair

Virginia's Private War by William Blair and Tara Revisited by Catherine Clinton seek to primarily explain why the Confederacy lost the Civil War. Virginia's Private War examines this question by focusing on the Virginia home front and the difficulties faced in trying to wage war as a slave society. Tara Revisited examines the question of the Confederate defeat specifically from the perspective of southern women. It pays special focus to contemporary conceptions of the antebellum South, Civil War, and reconstruction. Tara Revisited highlights that much of Southern history from the mentioned periods was romanticized and marketed through music, print media, and film. Clinton believes that
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The planter class also exerted political influence in their respective states and spheres of influence. Clinton the planter classes power and patronage relationships as follows,
Within the south a small group of whites controlled the destiny of the vast majority of blacks, and bound the interests of the white yeoman class to their own. Large planters established elaborate systems of patronage to ensure the loyalty of local farmers. Often a planter, who might own the only cotton gin in the county, would lend the equipment to neighboring small farms and then send along the neighbors' cotton bales with his own to his broker, or provide other perks.
Certain regions of the South particularly in what is present day West Virginia and in the Ozark Mountains lived many small freehold farmers that cared little about slavery and resented the power of the planter elite. These farmers gained increasing political influence during the antebellum period. Skin color functioned as the key factor that the planter class used as a tool to quell class strife between themselves and the freehold farmers.
The plantation system demanded total submission to a white patriarchal figure. Both white and African American women were subject to repression based on sex. White women were subject to the idea of sexual virtuousness and domestic roles

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