Virginity Testing Research Paper

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In American culture teens obsess over loosing their virginities, while seventy five hundred miles away women are loosing their lives in Middle Eastern countries over the timing and conditions for which they lost their virginity. This reality was ever so apparent as I came across an article in The New York Times titled, “Jailed Afghan Women Subjected to Virginity Tests” that discussed human rights activism for women in Afghan prisons. Specifically, in Kabul Afghanistan jailed women and girls are commonly forced into virginity tests. Most of the women jailed in Afghanistan are incarcerated for what in the United States would seem to only amount to a moral or ethical crime. These crimes often include running away from home with a lover other then a woman’s husband who is often arranged by her family without regard to her opinion. The results of these tests can consequently be used to try women in cases of adultery. Doubt of the validity of these tests has been brought into question by…show more content…
American’s have become obsessed with keeping their information private. I experienced this first hand when I began the process of shadowing in the general surgeons office last summer. It was nearly impossibly to find a doctor who would allow for an undergraduate student to observe his patient interactions, due to insurance concerns in association with HIPPA. When I finally landed a spot shadowing in the general surgeons office many patients would ask if I would be “so kind” as to leave the room because they wanted to “borrow” the doctor for a minute. While I can understand wanting privacy for surgical issues that regard the more private areas of the human anatomy, some patients didn’t want me around for essentially a prescription refill
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