Virtual Charter School Case Study

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Presently, the District is comprised of six brick and mortar schools and one virtual charter school. The brick and mortar schools include three elementary schools, one middle school, one traditional high school and one alternative high school for high risk students. Our virtual charter school serves student’s grades K- 12 and is primarily attended by families who homeschool their children and want flexibility and access to District resources such as teachers and curriculum. EASD strives to be in the top 10% of everything we do, and strive to be progressive in the education field. As stated by District Superintendent, Jason Tadlock, the mission of EASD is, to “maximize growth for every student, improving academic achievement for all…show more content…
Bill Trewyn oversees the Business Office which contains accounting, payroll and human resources personnel. As the Human Resources Supervisor, Bill my direct supervisor. In the remainder of this paper I will discuss Bill’s leadership practices, his leadership strengths and weaknesses and the kind of environment he has helped to create in the Business Office by analyzing him through my own personal experience. I will also discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the District as a whole.

Leadership Practices
As District Business Manager, Bill oversees and manages a multi-million-dollar budget. As a non-for profit organization with limited assets and income, ensuring that this money is spent efficiently and effectively is no easy task. One of Bill’s leadership responsibilities in managing District funds is long term strategic planning and long term liability management. In performing this responsibility, Bill must make decisions about the long term goals of the District. In doing this he must forecast future expenses including but not limited to loan rates, health insurance premium increases, utility expenses, and retiree negotiated benefits. One primary focus on long term strategic planning and liability management is trying to predict and manage health insurance costs. These costs make up a huge portion of District resources but also represents a highly valued benefit to employees. As part of this assessment
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