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Baby Girl: Preslee 0 Months: 1) Q: You are starting to notice that Preslee's crying is rhythmic and moderately loud when she is hungry, wet, or cold. If she is startled, there is a sudden intake of breath and a loud wail, followed by more deep breaths and loud wails. A: You try to respond to the different types of crying by changing, feeding, or soothing little Preslee. 2) Q: Preslee spends most of her time falling asleep, sleeping, or slowly waking up. When she is awake, you take advantage of the waking time by: A) rocking and singing to Preslee. 3) Q: For the first week or so Preslee wasn't very hungry and actually lost a little weight. However, now Preslee has begun to feed heartily and gain some weight back. A: You try…show more content…
4) Q: Preslee is communicating much better nonverbally in the past two months, making gestures to indicate what she wants. A: You respond by giving Preslee what she wants or pointing to the item and saying what it is, even if you don't think Preslee knows the name of the item yet. 5) Q: Preslee is taking a two hour nap every day, and sleeping six or more hours at a time at night. In other words, you have a new attachment to your pillow! Occasionally Preslee is fully awake in the middle of the night and wants to hang out and play with you. A: You decide to go with the flow, but try to calm Preslee down and focus her on one quiet activity for as long as possible at night. 6) Q: Recently Preslee has been in pretty good health, except for occasional bouts of indigestion and diarrhea. After these brief bouts are over, Preslee is usually interested in trying new foods. A: You start giving Preslee food from the family's dinner each day, ground up and mixed together using a baby food grinder. 7) Q: Preslee seems to have a hair-trigger reaction to everything, and is often fussy. When she is fussy: A: you stimulate and distract her with cheerful games and physical play. 8) Q: It has become clear that Preslee shows a preference for you over others (especially when distressed), with your partner a close second. How will your partner become a stronger attachment figure for Preslee? A: Your partner will spend more time changing
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