Virtual Child Progress Report Part I

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This paper is a progress report of an eight-year old girl’s developmental milestones from ages zero months to eight years old. It is an attempt to relate the milestones, and the impact on the girl’s ability to interact with her social environment. It identifies changes, and struggles the child experienced over the years. It reviews the decisions the parents made and their impact to her development. It links development theories to changes and experiences she experienced.
Keywords: child development, developmental milestones, temperament, parenting style, child development theories, trajectory, social and moral development.

Virtual Child Progress Report Part I Shakira is an eight year old, Asian girl from a middle-class family. She is currently living with her mother and younger sister since her parents recently separated. In general, her parents get along, and often make decisions together for the siblings. At home, Shakira is uncooperative, and often in bad mood (angry or sad). She often forgets homework and chores, or leaves them unfinished. She overly reacts to stress, and unable to control her emotions. She yells angrily at family members, and slams the door to her room. Her negative behavior usually elicits anger from her parents leading to more screaming and chaos. She constantly cheats when playing games, and lies about trivial things.
She cannot concentrate or pay attention in school. She is not interested in language arts or
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