Virtual Network Computing

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Virtual Network Computing Since Virtual Network Computing, or VNC, is becoming increasingly popular because of the advances in technology. These developments in technology include processors that are computing at three time speeds of old processors, processors that have multiply cores, and memory like solid state that can transfer data twice as fast as hard disk drive. Since the hardware has overall, completely improved to a new standard high. This is a direct enhancement on the performance of the software. This has lead people to use virtual network computing ask a graphical desktop folder sharing system and other applications software on the remote computer. This systems uses hardware and software to create a server for multiple clients or users on different operating systems, but each operating system needs a different configuration to a server. // Body 1 Hardware on most common VNC Since virtual network computing suffers from substantial latency from the graphical user interface it worth taking glance at the hardware. Conducing research on virtual networking computing it was amazing the range of prices of an individual system but of course the lower end devices suffered with higher latency compared to the top end servers and mainframes. These top end devices use up more real estate, have to be cooled constantly, must be monitored by a technician, and need a tremendous source of power maintain system. The can support an abundant amount of clients simultaneously and
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