Virtual Organization Behavior

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Virtual Organization Characteristics From the definitions of virtual organization/team, it can be summarized that virtual organization/team has four main characteristics which make it different from non-virtual organization/team: First, cross line, virtual organization/team is centralized with a few or without department. Business environment change makes a company or organization should be more flexible in doing its activity. When a company should produce a high quality product to meet their consumer needs, they could collaborate with other companies to determine consumer needs. In this case, virtual organization/team has an important role. Second, resources and purpose sharing, virtual organization/team could facilitate someone with innovative idea but has not enough resources. Amazon sells a lot of books but they do not really have the books, they cooperate with other parties who have the books and then sell it via Amazon. Third, geographic dispersion, refer to any physical dispersion of team members, such as different geographic locations or different workplaces at the same geographic location, nationally or internationally. Virtual organization/team could maximize the time difference advantage from its member. When a US company develops a website they can work on it from morning to evening, and their partner in the other part of the world (Asia, Africa, or Europe) will continue the development so it could finished faster. Fourth, impermanent member, one team formed
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