Virtual Personal Assistants

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With more resources being poured into the development and advancement of Artificial Intelligence (A.I), the debut of Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs) redefines the tech industry for revolutionising the interaction paradigms between users and the internet. The result opens up new possibilities for the users of next generation to gather data and communicate via new portals of the web. Keyword based inputs into search engines providing lists of potential sources would no longer be relevant, instead the future consists of individuals simply interacting via the channels of VPA. Similar to how two people have a normal conversation, users can tell their assistants what they want to find using natural languages, the VPA then proceeds to gather and analyses multiple relevant sources of information and provides the corresponding services to aid in accomplishing a wide range of tasks. Mirroring the functions and actions of a real assistant, a VPA is tailored towards each individual user, where they utilise stored information via daily interactions to analyse an individual’s preferences and draw upon their past interaction records in order to determine the next step. In addition to bringing about self-learning mechanism, further improvements to their functionalities can accumulate experiences via daily usage and interactions. The features of VPA , its implementation and the benefits it delivers is crucial in judging between success & failure. This essay will aim to further develop the…
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