Virtual Private Network : Setup And Cracking

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Matthew Canario, Sami Alghamdi, Ihab Nazir and Moath Al-Anbar
University of Ontario, Institute of Technology
Oshawa, Ontario
Abstract- A VPN can be defined as the private network in which a public infrastructure such as internet is used for connecting the remote users or sites. As suggested by the name, virtual connections are used in the VPN and they are routed via the Internet from the private network of the business to the remote employee or site. VPN is a latest technology that may be applied to both LAN & WLAN. In the VPN, privacy of data is maintained by using some procedures of the as well as protocols of tunneling. This will result in the encryption of the data at the sender’s side which is further forwarded through the tunnel and decryption is performed at receiver’s side.
This paper represents the way in which a VPN is set up and configured with weak parameters & how it may be broken. It also includes various authentication techniques.
Keywords—Virtual Private Network; Authentication; Encryption; Keys;

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a communication network in which any combination of technologies is used for securing the connection which is tunneled via an otherwise entrusted network or unsecured network. In the VPN, a dedicated connection for example leased line is not used, rather, a virtual connection is created between geographically isolated users & the

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