Virtual Private Network ( Vpn )

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Introduction – The Past:
Thirty years ago, there was no such need of privacy and data encryption as the Internet age had not taken off. In the 90s, VPN technology was still a fairly new technology but was predicted that it would be the next big thing in the early 2000s. Only large companies could afford the price to use dedicated lines to connect to remote locations. However, the disadvantages of the lease line are quite clear: Although large companies have the capitals and needs for building private networks, small and medium companies could rely on the less expensive, packet switched X.25 network. As the size of the Internet continued to grow, both small and large companies began to connect their private network with the public network. This brings a convenience but with one obvious problem – privacy and security.
Virtual private network (VPN) was developed in 19XX by Stan Hanks, who build IP VPN based on TCP/IP-over-X.25 stack for CSNET. Its goal was to ensure privacies and data integrities of communication and information. Thanks to the helps of many engineers and people such as XXX decided not to patent the XXXX technology when he was in Microsoft, VPN technology was growing rapidly during the early 2000s. Over the year, its flexibilities make travelled businessmen able to connect back to their companies’ networks, it also made employees work from home possible. Although some may argue that this makes the line between home and work space less clear, others claim that it
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