Virtual Private Network ( Vpn )

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What is VPN? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network constructed by using a local public network to connect to a private network. The invention of VPN and the main approach behind this has changed the world over the last decades. This network was initially created by many big companies and other organizations, but it wasn’t created for the end users. The main motive behind this technology was that the different companies wanted their network to be secure and private and also they also wanted their network to be accessed by their other offices at the different locations because only this network can hold the secrets and the important information about the particular company. Now, what makes Virtual Private Network (VPN)? There are…show more content…
In an extranet, the VPN connections are between company to their partners or the customer. A well-constructed VPN can benefit to the company such as that it can extend their geographical network. Secondly it could be cheaper in terms of the operational cost in comparison to the WAN’s (Wide Area Network). It also reduces travelling costs for the employees as they can access the company’s network remotely. The use of well-constructed VPN can improve network topology and it can also provide overseas networking opportunities. The use of a good VPN can provide quick Return on Investment (ROI) in comparison to the WAN (Wide area Network). A well-constructed VPN has different ways to keep the data of a particular company secured and private. First one is Data Confidentiality, in this method VPN provides the most imperative service. As the private data of the company travels through a public network, here data confidentiality is important and it can only be obtained by the proper encryption of the data. This is the procedure of taking all data that from one computer and sending to another. It should be also encoded in such a manner that only the other computer can decode it. Mostly every secure VPN’s includes one of these protocols to distribute the encryption. The protocols that VPN uses are Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), PPTP (Point to Point
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