Virtual Private Network ( Vpn ) Service And Steps

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This paper will cover Virtual Private Network (VPN) service and steps that should be taken prior to setup. Emphasis will be on network and operating system for the VPN services. It will look at the types of connections a small business might expect to encounter when using VPN 's. The security concerns of choices in the set up of the connections for both parties including: type of encryption available and Firewall issues. Last of all what are the overall security concerns when using a VPN including problems with a discussion of fixes and security patches. Security Concerns and the Use of VPN for Small Businesses Small businesses often operate on a tight budget; recently VPN 's have become a very cost effective way for them to connect…show more content…
Before installing the VPN services, however, a number of things must be taken into consideration. By evaluating who is using the VPN, the hardware necessary to make good connections, the pros and cons of differing connection protocols, and evaluating past security problems, setting up the VPN services becomes a much smoother process. VPN 's and Firewalls Anyone who will be accessing the VPN services should have a firewall in place.Once a VPN connection is established, the client is essentially able to access information behind the company 's firewall, thus creating an access hole. Therefore, insisting a client use and maintain a firewall is another layer in the security of the VPN setup. The ease of changing the firewall rules to allow VPN connections should be addressed. Very old firewalls, either appliance types or software types, may be difficult or impossible to configure to allow VPN access.A small business may stay with an old firewall for many reasons, one of which might be the fact that there has been no reason to upgrade in the past. It would be prudent to check the firewall documentation before becoming enmeshed in the VPN process, only to have it fail for lack of access, or creating a setup that might be considered insecure. User Considerations When setting up the VPN server(s) at the main office, who is using the connection and how much access to the internal network,
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