Virtual Private Networking Essay

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This paper will Describe in detail what Virtual Private Networking is and how it is used in companies. It will cover all of the benefits, as well as the problems encountered in achieving success with this facilitator of social software. It will give examples of companies and how they use the technology, it will provide case studies of companies that have used the technology successfully. It will review the author’s thoughts of how to use VPN in a common workplace. Then it will show you how to implement VPN on a network, through both hardware and software installations. You will see how employees collaborate with this tool and use it to increase productivity. You will see the obstacles that you would encounter with a VPN system…show more content…
Some service companies use VPN to run diagnosis of equipment to determine why it is malfunctioning. A benefit of VPN’s is the use of the Internet to access off site locations or employees. These “virtual” connections allow off site locations and employees communication to the LAN. Another benefit would be improved security. VPN’s sit behind a firewall, encrypt information transferred via the Internet, Internet Protocol Security Protocol (IPSec) which allows better encryption and authentication and AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) servers which are used for more secure access in a remote-access VPN environment (Jeff Tyson, Benefits also include reduced cost versus WAN or leased lines. Reduced transmit time and simplified topology. There are many problems to address before implementing a VPN. These can be divided into three categories: Implementation, Configuration and Support. Implementation A successful VPN should acquire simplified software that end users are comfortable using. Otherwise expensive training can impose additional costs not addressed in the initial estimated price of the VPN. Virtual IP addresses are needed to integrate into the corporate network. These addresses can cause some problems for application protocols such as NETMeeting and Xwindows. Configuration: Areas of concern when configuring a VPN include Internet access type, bandwidth usage and Internet
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