Virtual Private Networks

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Virtual Private Networks

With the increasing popularity of the Internet, new technologies have introduced to provide secure access to the resources from remote clients. Virtual Private Networks are becoming the most universal method for remote access. They enable service provider to take advantage of the power of Internet by providing a private tunnel through the public cloud to realize cost savings and productivity enhancements from remote access applications. VPNs securely convey information across the Internet connection to remote users, branch offices and business partners into an extended corporate network. This paper is an attempt to provide an overview of VPN and its services and how the
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These devices do not have direct connectivity to the service provider network. C devices are not aware of the VPN.

• Customer Edge devices (CE) – These devices are located at the edge of the network and connect to the provider network.

Service provider network devices also fall into two categories –
• Service Provider devices (P) - P devices are devices such as routers and switches within the provider network that do not directly connect to customer networks. P devices are unaware of customer VPNs.

• Service Provider Edge devices (PE) – These devices connect directly to the customer networks via CE devices.

2.2 VPN Gateways – A VPN Gateway handles the high speed encryption and decryption methods, provides tunneling services for passing data and generally makes sure that a VPN connection is established. Gateway can be software, or built on a firewall, or a router or server, or a security appliance.

2.3 Keys – Keys are used for the encryption and decryption of data. Sites can choose to maintain their own database of digital certificates (keys) for users by setting up a certificate server, or they can use an external certificate authority.

2.4 Network – There must be an internet infrastructure at both ends to provide the actual transmission medium. Some of these components may be built on a single device or spread over many devices over several sites.


The service goal of VPNs is
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