Virtual Project Manager And Virtual Work

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Virtual Project Manager In today’s workplace, the use of virtual project teams and virtual workers in general, is increasingly common. There are many reasons for this: younger workers entering the workforce who bring new attitudes about virtual working patterns; a larger number of employees wanting to balance work and life; and companies seeking ways to save money, just to name a few. Many of these new age youthful knowledge workers, as well as more mature workers (who may have reasons for seeking a change in work style) are likely to encounter situations in which virtual work is required. Will it suit them? We believe that one must consider…show more content…
This is a perspective taken by Cantu who proposes teams become virtual when any of three components are added to the mix: 1) different geography or locations of team members, 2) team members from different organizations or parts of the organization, 3) different durations or lengths of time that member work together as a team. She suggests the concept runs across a spectrum as each component is expressed to a greater extent Another approach to the subject is to divide teams into subtypes and distinguish "virtualness" as a characteristic. Guss states that there are four classes of team: Pure: team functions virtually, without control of any one organizational method Transitional: the team functions as a combination of hybrid and mono forms, and then the other Hybrid: the team functions in a multi-organizational culture The team members all function in same organizationa ( Rather than just a mere curiosity, promoters of virtual teams assert there are many advantages to virtual teams. A few of the drivers leading to interest in virtual teams include attracting the best workers independent of location, no need to relocate existing workers, flexibility, reduction in travel time and expense, environments requiring inter-organizational cooperation, shift towards service work, global workdays
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