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The Reality We Create Anthony Leyba INF103: Computer Literacy Stephanie Webb 27MAY2013 The world around us is becoming smaller, duller and less interesting. At least for the average person the computer screen is where people go to escape the monotony of their unfulfilled lives. Virtual reality seems to be the way of the future. Creating your own world and living a life you could only otherwise dream about. Even providing treatments to the medically impaired virtual reality is a miracle technology with seemingly limitless application. However everything has a price, could this amazing creation have a hidden danger? Why would anyone want to live their real lives that are full of uncertainty, lack of…show more content…
It started with only showing shadows of obstacles in the wearers path but soon will have color and more detail as the technology progresses. This amazing invention gives the power of sight to someone who may have never seen before in their life. Of course there could be more to it than just that. If we can tell our eyes what to see then the camera could easily be replaced with something else like a video receiver putting us virtually anywhere. You could be having a vacation and not even leaving your own home. What if you have nothing wrong with you but you just feel as though the real world could be better with slight adjustments. At the royal college of art in London there is a team of students that developed a headset that allows the wearer to adjust sight and hearing just like they would a TV. The headset is two pieces one for eyes and one for ears. the ear set allows you to adjust for volume as well as noise canceling so that it seems as though the sounds you are hearing are coming from inside your own head. The eyes portion lets you adjust brightness and contrast as well as plays back motion at a speed to where you can view movement that hay have previously been undetectable. Enhancing the reality that we already live in by making it happen inside our minds sounds almost scary. The applications for this device may be limitless as it is said to even help hearing impaired students learn because it allows them to hear what is said inside their head by

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