Virtual Reality Essay

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Virtual Reality

Imagine walking down a white sandy beach. The sand is warm between your toes and there is a light breeze that moves your hair. You look across the horizon at the bright warm sun, a little to bright you think as you squint. But the water before you is so clear, you can see small fish clear to the bottom. The water is cool and it feels refreshing as you let the waves crash gently at your feet. This place is beautiful and peaceful, but you realize your not alone. You look to your right and see a child and her mother splashing in the water. You can hear the child laughing and feel the rippling sensation in the water against your legs. The sun is getting a little warm as a small bead of sweat falls across your brow. You
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Even now with all our technology, virtual reality seems like such a far-fetched and alien concept. How can it be that we can manipulate our senses so perfectly that we could lose track of reality. I assumed virtual reality only took place in science fiction movies, not in real life. I know that science is playing an even larger role in the way we perceive the world around us. It seems that virtual reality applications could help us in establishing an imaginary environment, that would allow us to test new ideas without using humans or animals for guinea pigs. This concept would be especially helpful for the medical and military fields. One could actually simulate an event while manipulating the sensory system in order to practice for such an event in real life. Doctors could simulate surgeries without putting anyone's life at risk. The military could fight wars using strategically altered perceptions of real events.

This type of technology would also impact our entertainment industry. People could simulate vacations and other environments that would allow for enjoyment without leaving their homes. I really don't foresee any problems with this type of technology as long as all participants are willing. Virtual reality can help us to understand the world around us on a new level. People could interact and learn more about the environment around them that they might not have understood before. Virtual reality seems to be based on manipulation but as long

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